Warsaw has emerged from war and communism with the elegance and lasting beauty of an old master rediscovered. Visitors will be charmed by historic architecture and modern structures, cutting edge services and the variety of entertainment on offer. This city has been the capital of Poland since 1596 and is vertically divided by the Vistula River. Most of the major attractions are located in the Centrum area which consists of six diverse districts.

Poland has a convoluted, tortured and a very dramatic history featuring the good guys and the bad guys – although it was often impossible to determine which was which! Like an excellent character is only strengthened by hardship the Polish culture has endured and was enriched.

The monolithic Palace of Culture remains a handy landmark. As the city’s tallest building it can be seen from almost anywhere and is usefull as an orientation tool. While Warsaw has developed faster than the rest of the country many polish cultural peculiarities such as milk bars and outdoor bazaar’s can still be found.
Winter in Warsaw can be bitter – come prepared!

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