As one song elegantly describes Warsaw: ‘Here happiness can be found … here the heart can get lost’. There is a lot of truth in this statement, because Warsaw is a perfect place for romantically affiliated people. Here you can spend an unforgettable and romantic wedding anniversary during a weekend trip away. You will be able to find heaps of attractions which could bring you even closer. But above all, you will take time off and enjoy yourselves within a comfortable apartment in our Hotel Residence St. Andrew’s Palace.

An apartment with city views

Our hotel is located in the very centre of Warsaw. So, if you want to spend a romantic evening in a hotel with never-dying city lights and live atmosphere, then one of the couple’s apartments in our hotel is a well-nigh ideal choice. Within such apartment, you will be able to truly relax and immerse yourself within the scenery of Persian rugs, velvet, vibrant colours and upholstered sofas wrapped in calming emerald hues. Once you enjoy these comforting attributes, you can leap outside and explore the city centre … enjoy a glass of wine, and a delicious dinner in the flower-blooming, spring-rich nooks of the old-town.

Dine in the Dark – sharpen your senses

The restaurant Borprince is in very close proximity to our hotel. Within the basement of an historic tenement house, you can experience something very unique – see what it is like when one of your senses is completely shut off and the remaining ones enhanced. It is a one-of-a-kind event which helps you to perceive taste from a different angle, allowing you to focus your taste-buds more clearly and intensively. Dine in the Dark is a distinctive experience, especially since the menu includes a traditional Hungarian cuisine that ignites the palette of every individual who is remotely passionate about food. Of course, to get involved in such attraction you have to plan ahead, because this restaurant is very popular, but when you finally indulge in this reality-grounding experience, it will be engrained in your memory for years to come.

Romantic walks around Warsaw

During your annual, or occasional, anniversary, it is worth to take a moment out and hold hands or gaze deeply into each other’s eyes once more. Reminding yourself why you are together. Why the memories you share are the essence of your relationship. Thankfully, in Warsaw there is no shortage of charming places where you can roam as a pair. You can make your way to the Krasinski Garden or the Baths Park. In the latter you are permitted to sit on the grass each day, especially on Sunday afternoons and listen to a piano concert, surrounded by beautiful scenery. And many will agree that there is nothing more romantic than Chopin’s music! If the date of your anniversary falls between mid-May to the end of September, you will have the chance to experience this mind-soothing spectacle. But even if not, then you can still arrive at the Park together and enjoy the experience, or celebrate the anniversary a tad earlier. In the end, love should be celebrated every day, and at all times. Therefore this place is a fantastic excuse to spend a tranquil moment together. If you seek a truly romantic walk, be sure to also visit the Vistula Boulevards.

Create seductive perfumes together and take an exciting boat trip!

Although you do not have to seduce yourselves with vast fragrances, it does not mean that you should not surprise each other with the way you smell. After all, new scents give rise to zest and thrill. You can go to Mo61 Perfume Lab, where both of you will be able to create that perfect perfume for yourself, experimenting, choosing that ideal fragrance reflecting your mood. Once this is completed, and you come out smelling of passion and delight, you can treat yourself to a Venetian entertainment in a slightly modified Warsaw version. A boat trip near the Royal Baths Park can be just as romantic as a gondola channel trip around Venice. The scenery is extremely charming within the Park, and it can certainly allow you to sit down, entwine and embrace each other in a fresh and peaceful environment – away from sewers and unpleasant smells. It is also worth visiting the Old Market Square, to view the charming tenement houses and drink some flavoursome coffee or tea in a local cafe.

Warsaw is most definitely a city where you can fall in love. Not only with the capital itself, but with each other, all over again. Here you can experience a beautiful sunrise and sunset, the city skyline and hints of countryside, the city life and peaceful corners. Everything in a single city – visible from the window of an exclusive city centre apartment.