It cannot be denied, the hotel industry has been severely affected by the pandemic and restriction introduced on account of it. Fortunately, after roughly two months of closure, hotels and other accommodation facilities can receive guests again at a normal rate, of course, provided that special safety rules are followed and maintained.

For us, the safety of our guests and employees has always been the utmost priority, therefore we implemented additional procedures at this particular time, to ensure the safety of all is guaranteed. Of course, at the same time, we kindly ask our guests to be careful, wear masks in the common rooms of the Residence and keep an adequate distance from other guests and employees. All PPE and social distancing measures have likewise been adopted and adhered to by our employees.

An apartment or a hotel room? What should you choose during an epidemiological threat?

It goes without saying that a hotel room certainly provides much less intimacy than an apartment, and the lack of basic kitchen equipment makes it near impossible to prepare meals on your own. In addition, hotels have many common areas, ranging from reception to lifts, lobbies, restaurants, gyms etc. So completely isolating yourself from other people in the vicinity can be quite difficult.

Residence St. Andrew’s Palace offers guests everything they require during this unprecedented time: full intimacy in the spacious apartments (consisting of several fully equipped rooms), comfortable furnishing, kitchens and living rooms, among an array of other features. The presence of high-ranging facilities and equipment means our guests have everything they need at disposal throughout the day. Therefore, they can easily minimise the time spent in common areas of the building and public places outside of it. Not to mention that if one stocks-up on groceries, leaving the place may not be necessary at all.

People staying in the hotel apartments have either a kitchenette or a full-sized kitchen at the ready, so they can prepare meals themselves – and other apartment occupants – without the need to use the services of a restaurant or interacting with members of the public. And if there are those who nonetheless fancy trying the meals we have prepared, they can opt for our room-service/catering services, prepared in accordance to the current food safety guidelines.

Secure booking during a pandemic

Electronic booking systems are now a norm in the hospitality industry. Thanks to our online presence, booking a modern room or apartment can be made instantly, even if you’re half-way across the world, in the car or train. During the pandemic, the possibility of completing all formalities without having any direct contact with hotel staff is of particular importance – mainly because it quells your anxiety, eliminates additional stress and guarantees a peace of mind. We should also mention that people who book a place to stay, should have the freedom to cancel any time – in the event of an unforeseen situation – without incurring additional costs.

All guests of Residence St. Andrew’s Palace can benefit from a flexible offer during the current pandemic: we allow the possibility of cancelation of the booked accomodation, even one day before the planned arrival. Our clients do not incur any costs in this respect.

Procedures implemented in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic:

Despite the ongoing – though slowly waning – pandemic, modern accommodation facilities should be available for tourists or people on business trips, but simultaneously be safe for all newcomers. For this to happen, it’s vital to respect the rules set out by government and medical authorities. When it comes to the procedures implemented at Residence St. Andrew’s Palace, we have increased the frequency of cleaning in public areas, with particular emphasis on direct-contact surfaces such as door handles, light switches, taps etc. We have also distributed ‘no touch’ automatic disinfectant dispensers at the entrances and across all common rooms of the Residence.

Our staff continuously use personal protective equipment (PPE) and strictly adhere to new work standards and protocols. We thoroughly clean, air out, disinfect and sterilise the apartments after the guests check out, using specialised products. Prior to handing over the apartment to new guests, we ensure that the rooms have not been used since the last cleaning. The newly implemented solutions supplement the already high standards of cleanliness that we adhered to prior to the outbreak.

Guests arriving at our Residence are informed in detail about the procedures introduced and implemented precautions. We make every effort to ensure that they continue to feel at ease throughout their stay.