Residence St Andrew’s Palace respects your privacy on the Internet and makes every effort to properly protect all data entrusted to us (“Personal Data”) Personal Data is any data used to identify a particular person, including but not limited to; first and last name, home address or other correspondence address, e-mail address or other information enabling contacting a given person. Please also note that Residence St. Andrew’s Palace website can be viewed without providing any personal details. If you decide to provide us with your personal information, this data may only be used by Residence St. Andrew’s Palace or may be presented to our Partners, Customers and Suppliers – without the possibility of processing it and making it available to individuals and third parties.


Residence St. Andrew’s Palace website  uses “Cookies” and other data identification technologies. A “Cookie” is a small text file, used, for example, to collect information about activity on a given website. Some “Cookies” and other data tracking technologies are used to bring up  personal data previously indicated by the user of the website. Most browsers allow you to control the use of “Cookies,” including determining whether they are to be received or not, as well as how to delete them. Most browsers can be set to inform about the arrival of a “Cookie;” you can also choose to block cookies.  Data tracking technologies can save information such as: internet domain or host name, IP address, browser type and operating system, key sequences and date and time of visits to our website. The use of “Cookies” and other data tracking technologies allows us to make corrections and improvements on our website, which positively affect user experience. It also gives us the opportunity to analyze information that does not contain Personal Data – for statistical purposes and to determine interest in particular parts of the website.


Regardless of where Personal Data is stored (at Residence St. Andrew’s Palace or other entities acting on its behalf), please be informed that  we take appropriate measures to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure to third parties.

Privacy policy concerning children

The website is not intended for children. Therefore, we do not intend to collect personal data from people under 16.

Expressing consent 

The use of this website is legally equal  to agreeing to the conditions set out above. In case of any questions related to other aspects of privacy policy  – related to the use of Residence St. Andrew’s Palace website please contact us at the following e-mail address: