Perfectly Clean Hotel Room – Hotel’s Cleaning Techniques

When booking your stay in a luxurious hotel you count on the suites to be perfectly clean and filled with top quality appliances. Insects, dirty rugs or even hairs in the sink are things you can’t simply accept. Perfectly clean hotel room is what you expect. In our hotel we pay great attention to high standards of cleanliness. Such perfect cleanliness is possible to maintain due to effective cleaning techniques.

Hotel’s cleanliness and reviews online

Some hotel guests tend to leave reviews of a given hotel online. Very often they share information on hotel’s neighbourhood, general atmosphere, childcare facilities, food, hotel service and of course on hotel’s cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the most important elements when it comes to looking for hotels. If there’s information that hotel’s rooms aren’t clean it’s possible many prospective clients won’t decide to stay there.

Who’s responsible for hotel’s cleanliness?

czysty pokójIt’s hotel staff that takes care of hotel’s cleanliness. Cleaning includes both common guests areas such as: lounges, halls, reception desks etc. as well as private areas: such as guest rooms and suites. Perfectly clean hotel room is always ready for guests to settle in. Still, hotel cleaning staff also takes care of rooms which are currently occupied. Cleaning usually takes place in the late morning hours, since it’s the time when most guests leave hotel rooms to take care of their business.

Right before cleaning staff starts their shift they change into working uniforms and carefully disinfect their hands. There’s a maid who controls the rooms – in smaller hotels it can be just one maid for all the rooms, in bigger ones there are maids dedicated to each floor (sometimes a few maids for one floor.)  Before starting their work maids check whether serving trolley is filled with all necessary items and collect clean bed linens from the storage.

Fully equipped service trolley contains all necessary tools and products useful when cleaning. Vacuum cleaner, cloths, sponges and special brushes are also necessary, let’s not forget about  buckets, swabs and rubber gloves.  Service trolley also contains disinfectants and professional cleaning products, toilet paper or cosmetics, which need to be replaced  in hotel rooms. After all, maids are responsible not only for cleaning rooms, throwing out rubbish and changing bed linens, but they also need to  resupply hotel cosmetics – in high standard hotels guests can use hotel soaps, shampoos or conditioners.

Perfectly clean hotel room – cleaning products

Maids can’t use just any kind of cleaning products. Rules are very clear here stating which products should be used to what types of surfaces.  Cleaning products need to be certified and safe. They shouldn’t also have too strong chemical smell. List of cleaning products should be easily accessible – it’s best if cleaning supervisor has it and can present it in case of control.

Hotel’s cleaning techniques – keeping the door open

Every time  maids start cleaning they need to make sure that the room is empty. Only then it’s possible to enter it and use vacuum cleaner being careful not to destroy any wall or furniture. While cleaning the door should be open, windows should be open too – the room needs to be aired. Main tasks of the maids are among others emptying the rubbish bin, checking bed linen’s cleanliness and making the bed, clearing away dirty dishes and checking if electronic equipment works fine. Only then it’s possible to clean the rooms.

Cleaning rooms after guests departed usually takes longer than cleaning while guests are still staying in. Cleaning after the departure requires change of bed linen and perfect cleaning for the next guests, therefore maids have a lot of work. In case of cleaning while guests are still staying in the hotel sometimes it’s pretty difficult to clean the room perfectly since the room is filled with private things and they can’t be moved.

Periodic cleaning of hotel rooms and suites

Some tasks are performed periodically, ideally when the rooms aren’t occupied. Such works include: cleaning windows and doors, cleaning rugs and mattresses, washing curtains and drapes, moving heavy furniture, polishing floors, moping the floors in all spaces. These works are usually carried out seasonally, for example right before high summer/winter season when increased number of guests is expected and hotel staff knows that rooms will be constantly occupied. Hotel rooms are also thoroughly cleaned  when important guests, the so called VIPs’ are expected.