Among all cultural events organised in Warsaw, the music events and various festivals in particular seem to attract significant popularity. These usually intend to celebrate and commemorate important historical events. Many of them occur during the summer months, because, after all, it is then that tourists both from Poland and abroad visit Warsaw the most. It is also worth adding that many of the events are open-air formats, thus the number of incoming participants will strictly depend on the weather conditions (although in summer the risk of bad – rainy/windy – weather is certainly lower than during other seasons). Hence why Warsaw in August is bustling with a myriad of attractions.

Upcoming events in Warsaw

75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

On our list of fascinating events, there is no shortage of celebrations specially organised to celebrate the anniversary of a very important Polish historical episode – The Warsaw Uprising. This year we are set to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the uprising thrown against the German forces who occupied Warsaw during WWII. The Uprising broke out on August 1st, 1944, and it is precisely on 1st of August of the current year that the whole city will commemorate those who fought to liberate this country in the past. The overall celebration of the Warsaw Uprising, however, will last much longer. It will commence on July 26th and end on 2nd October, when the fire at the Warsaw Uprising mound will be extinguished.



16th Singer’s Warsaw Festival of the Jewish Culture

Speaking of Warsaw’s history, we cannot omit the Jewish community, nor the extensive Jewish history. In the end, Warsaw was deemed as the diaspora capital of the Jewish culture for many pre-war years. In 1938, the Jews accounted for almost 30% of the city’s population. World War II changed everything, and very few Jewish people from the capital survived the Holocaust. Among the scarce survivors, vast numbers settled on the so-called ‘recovered lands’ or simply left Poland in the coming years.
From the 1990s, and ever since the fall of communism, there has been a significant effort made to revive the religious and cultural lives of Polish Jews, not just in Poland, but predominantly in Warsaw.

A multitude of religious communities and educational institutions have been established over the recent years. Besides this, numerous cultural events have been created, aiming to popularise the Jewish culture and their past. One such event is the Singer’s Warsaw Festival, which premiered in the year 2004.
The 16th Singer’s Warsaw Festival of Jewish culture is to be held from 24th August – 1st September 2019. During this historic event, the following will be presented: Jewish theatre, music, films, shows and exhibitions devoted to both traditional and modern Jewish culture. The programme also includes workshops concerning kosher cuisine, dancing, songs, folk art paper cutting, ceramics and calligraphy. Participants of this event can also partake in vast lectures and join the thematic news groups discussing the Yiddish culture.

Notable music events in August

The “Chopin and his Europe” Festival

The ‘Chopin and his Europe’ festival is one of the most important international music projects in Poland, familiarising us with the work of the eminent Polish composer. During the festival, numerous concerts take place (chiefly in the National Philharmonic as well as the concert Studio of Polish Radio named after Witold Lutosławski. Others will occur on the stage of the Grand Theatre at the National Opera). The 15th ‘Chopin and his Europe’ Festival will take place on 15th August and last to 1st September 2019. The most prominent pianists, orchestras and bands representing the international and Polish music world will host at the aforementioned Warsaw stages. At the same time, the festival provides a fantastic opportunity for young and ambitious artists to debut, perform and shine among the presence of their prestigious peers.




Metallica: WorldWired Tour – The Concert at the National Stadium, Warsaw

Metallica is considered as one of the most popular and prominent metal bands in modern history. The band’s origins date back to 1981, which means that Metallica has been in the public eye for almost forty years, and until this day, the band still manages to flock crowds of faithful fans to their concerts. We are talking thousands, able to fill up even the biggest stadiums in Europe.
This year’s performance in Warsaw (planned for 21st August 2019) will be a part of Metallica Concert Tour: WorldWired, which aims to promote the tenth studio album of the Metal band. Among the special guests following them throughout the tour is the Ghost and Bokassa band itself, therefore the emotions are guaranteed to run high.




What not to miss in the incoming months?

Even more noteworthy festivals and concerts will take place in September. Vast amounts are events of cyclical nature, that have been organised in Warsaw for decades.

62nd International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw’s Autumn”

This year’s edition of the festival will last from 20th – 28th September. It is a party launched on an international scale, for many years recognised as the only of such importance in the central and eastern part of Europe. The festival is an event devoted to contemporary music, which revolves around the world, talks about it and is always a starting point for debate. For this reason, the event organisers (The Association of Polish Composers) emphasise that the festival’s audience will have a special role.
This year, the festival will be held across 11 venues: The National Philharmonic; The Concert Studio of Polish Radio named after Witold Lutosławski; The Grand Theatre – National Opera; Fryderyk Chopin Music University; ATM Studio; IMKA Theatre; New Theatre; Theatre Institute; Austrian Culture Forum; Sculpture Park in Królikarnia and Museum of Warsaw

14th Cross-Culture Festival

The Cross-Culture Festival celebrates this year’s fourteenth birthday. The event was initiated by the Warsaw authorities in 2005 to present the most interesting phenomena in the field of music and culture of the contemporary world.

This year’s edition will last from 18th-22nd of September, and will be one of the biggest events of this kind in Poland, and likely that part of Europe. Warsaw will be visited by the likes of legendary drummer Tony Allen, the father of Blufunk Keziah Jones, and a famed activist Sona Jobarteh. Thanks to the performances of artists from different cultural circles, the festival aims to enrich the minds of Warsaw’s inhabitants and the city’s tourists, but also expose them to the richness of the modern-world cultures. The whole event will be supplemented with music workshops conducted by world-class champions.

Other popular festivals in Warsaw

Cultural life in Warsaw thrives throughout the entire year, but the events held in the period from June to September are of utmost importance. We have already described the upcoming cultural events above, but it is also worth mentioning those now behind us. The most prominent is June’s Orange Warsaw Festival, which was first launched in Warsaw in 2008, and to 2015 it was held on the Warsaw-Służewiec racecourse.

Another vital occasion is the International Street art Festival. The sole idea of the event is to propagate the egalitarian art via a plethora of street presentations, undertaken by European and Polish theatre groups. In June, the 27th edition of the festival occurred, during which many artists and theatre groups from Poland, Czech Republic, Germany & Russia performed in front thousands.
The festivals organised in Warsaw usually last over several days, so the participants (performers as well as viewers) often show interest in booking convenient places of accommodation.
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