Luksus w centrum miasta

Hotel in Warsaw

Have A Rest In Warsaw Big cities are usually associated with crowds of people, heavy traffic and lack of peace – therefore we naturally look for peace and quiet in suburban resorts or in the country. We seek quiet places, fresh air and beautiful surroundings, therefore we simply run away from city’s hectic life. Still,

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Ulica Chmielna

Chmielna Street

A Few Facts About Chmielna Street in Warsaw There’s a lot you can write about Warsaw’s tourist attractions. Tourist sites, that are frequently mentioned, are historical palaces and churches, museums and cultural institutes, but also market squares and streets. Some streets look inconspicuous, others are the most important places in the capital. What about Chmielna

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Najciekawsze muzea Warszawy

The most interesting museums in Warsaw

The most interesting museums in Warsaw (list) Warsaw as the capital city is proud of multiplicity of cultural projects. Warsaw houses plenty of cultural institutions, among them museums. Visitors can find museums related to the history of the city as well as the whole nation, and also places centred around artistic endeavours – theatre, music

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city centre

The best attractions in the city centre

Discover Warsaw’s best sights! Warsaw, the biggest city of Poland has rich but unfortunately troubled history. Warsaw was destroyed and rebuilt many times. During II World War it was planned for destruction. The rebuilding process after war was tiresome and the city architectural style was only restored in 30%. Monuments which were restored are the

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Festiwale w warszawie

Most important festivals in Warsaw – you can’t miss them!

Warsaw is a very lively place. Regardless of your interests you will find something for yourself. The festivals taking place in the capital are events that do not allow boredom. Here are some of them. Cinematography Cinematography enthusiasts should not miss the Warsaw International Film Festival. It takes place every year in October and hosts

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When did Chmielna Street emerge?

One of the most well known streets among tourists – Chmielna – is a must see if you visit the capital. Numerous attractions, from cafés to luxurious boutiques make it a very crowded place. However, not everyone knows the rich history of this street, consisting of two segments. The first segment lays in the district

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