New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Warsaw

Warsaw is a large, well-developed city in which numerous music, sport-related and cultural events are organised, and perfectly executed each year. And of course, you can’t miss the New Year’s Eve party that has gained fame around all of Europe! All those who are counting on spending this special day joyfully, should check the plans that are being made for Warsaw New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 – there’s certainly a lot to look forward to. And if that entices you, you’ll certainly need a reservation at a hotel (unless you already live in Warsaw). Because resting in a comfortable apartment is certainly a part of the experience. In the end, after staying up for half the night (or all night) during a firework display or club party, it’s always lovely to go back to a nice bed, sleep and then be restful for the remaining hours of the day, feeling like you’re at home.

New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

Every year the largest cities in Poland organise the New Year’s Eve Party – the event usually takes place under the patronage of the city authorities, most often in cooperation with national or local television channels, which then launch the transmission on TV. Last year’s New Year’s Eve in Warsaw was broadcast by TVN. The event took place at Bankowy Square.

But the question remains: what’s in the plans for this year?

Unfortunately, searching online for precise details may be done in vain, and those seeking for insightful information regarding the city’s New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 may be left puzzled. Indeed, there’s still a while left until December 31st, but many people (especially those travelling from abroad) are already in the midst of making plans for this special evening. Things like train or flights tickets have to be booked asap, after all. So it’s no surprise that many will require in-depth details as to what they’re signing up for. Certainly, the night will not be a disappointment, but assurance of that is always kindly accepted. New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Warsaw will certainly be celebrated with a bang, packed with high-quality entertainment; however, it isn’t yet clear what stars will appear on the stage. Albeit, it is known that this year’s event will be held on the grounds of the National Stadium in the Polish capital. Such official information recently appeared on Facebook.

If not New Year’s Eve, then what?

Sylwester 2019Those who avoid loud, mass events at all cost (and those who aren’t willing to celebrate in the cold open air in the middle of winter) can always celebrate in a different way. Warsaw clubs, restaurants and other public places create their own mini-parties where celebrity guests are typically invited. But unfortunately, in the case of these events the number of places is limited, and those who want to attend are required to pay the fee in advance to secure themselves a place, seat, or whatnot. This applies especially to premises where seating and multi-course refreshments are provided. But a common misconception exists, stating that only couples go to these types of events. This is nonsense of course! When searching the internet, we’ll easily find venues that deal with organisation of a wild New Year’s Eve for everyone, and especially the singletons!

Another interesting idea for New Year’s Eve 2018 could be a theme party with references to various iconic pop-culture creations e.g. movies (The Godfather), books (The Great Gatsby) or TV shows (Game of Thrones). At such parties the dance floor decorations, music, costumes of all participants, food, and drinks often refer to the particular theme.

Some establishments organise dance nights from the past e.g. 60’s or 80’s nights – such events are very popular among people of all ages who enjoy classics from before 2000. For some these blasts from the past allow them to gladly return to what was fashionable in their youth, others approach these themes with nostalgia and the younger generations love to experience how their parents/grandparents partied back in the day. In the end, the music of old is the stuff that to this day can’t let you escape from the dance floor. Many people even make the effort to dress up accordingly, whacking on their luminescent ‘Go Go’ costumes from the 60’s or adoring themselves with ‘Rock N’ Roll’ motives.

New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 – not just dance parties

December 31 is the day when many people go to dance parties, like ones mentioned above. However, there are also those who aren’t fans of loud music, dancing, and the wildness of such events. But at the same time, they don’t want to spend this special night in the privacy of their home. Warsaw, as usual, has many proposals for people with such preferences.

For example, it’s surely worth taking an interest in what the Polish Theatre in Warsaw proposes for the New Year’s Eve. The actors are already preparing to play the erotic comedy by Aleksander Fredro labelled ‘funny and elegant, but also sharp and predatory, sweet, but with element of bitterness’. This classy New Year’s Eve evening is supposed to end with a common toast of actors and spectators, and then the latter will receive small gifts from the Theatre. All of this for an attractive price!

And those who are thinking of giving up New Year’s plans due to the inability to provide care for children, should consider other alternatives. Giving up the fun doesn’t always have to be the final resort. Many Warsaw cultural centres organise New Year’s parties for children of all ages – they are often events where whole families can attend.

So, all in all, it’s definitely worth spending the New Year’s Eve 2018/2019 in Warsaw. The offers are so wide and varied that everyone will find something for themselves. But do not hesitate and leave things to the last minute, because people from all over Poland and even abroad will aim to book tickets too. That’s why it’s worth to pre-book the tickets in advance, and with that the potential flights, train tickets and most of all a lush accommodation where you could relax and gain rest before and after attending any of the aforementioned events. We cordially invite you to our hotel.