Welcome the New Year in Warsaw!

The last article on our blog was concerned with events taking place in Warsaw, planned for December 31st. So, regardless of the form of fun you chose to have during New Year’s Eve, Warsaw seems to be offering a lot of joy and merriness at the end of 2018. If you’ve ever considered spending your night of festivities in such renowned, traditional city, then await no more: The New Year in Warsaw can be greeted in many ways!

A one-of-a-kind New Year’s concert

Starting from 1st January, numerous music events will be organised throughout Poland, this includes the capital itself. Residents of Warsaw, as well as the tourists who came to visit the city, will have the opportunity to see many famous faces performing live. Singers, actors, comedians, you name it! They will all appear in various parts of the city, so you’ll be able to attend any show that suits your taste.

Musical Theater Roma

Without any doubt, the New Year’s Concert organised at the Musical Theatre Roma, located at ul. Nowogrodzka 49. deserves particular attention. The event will begin at 5pm, with the concert being an interesting combination of classical music and the greatest hits of our age. Moreover, you won’t miss the beautiful Christmas melodies performed by professional artists, of course. At this New Year’s Concert, there will be vast musicians, namely members of the Darek Tarczewski Orchestra and acclaimed tenors from Tre Voci. It’s sure looking to be a special evening full of cheer and positive energy!

Masovian Musical Theatre named after Jan Kiepura / National Philharmonic

Lovers of good music are also cordially invited by Warsaw’s Masovian Musical Theatre named after Jan Kiepura. On January 1st, the 14th New Year Concert will commence in the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall, and it will be graced by the outstanding Italian opera singer Ildebrando D’Arcangelo. During this delightful night, he will be accompanied by Joanna Moskowicz and Leonardo Capalbo. The listeners will also be able to experience the wonders of the Polish Radio Orchestra, hosted by Maestro Sebastian Perłowski himself. The concert will commence at 6pm.

A sporty New Year in Warsaw

The fifth New Year’s Run

Who said you must spend the New Year in Warsaw standing in the open, or sitting in your couch? You can spend this day actively, taking part in the forthcoming fifth edition of the New Year’s Run. Despite the apparent fatigue, many people decide to jog through the alleys of Skaryszewski Park, adhering to the principle that our behaviour on New Year’s day will reflect how we act for the rest of the year.

Ice ring in the Old Town Square

In the 2018/2019 season, it was planned that as many as 16 ice-rings will be opened up across the capital – the ones that are paid and free. One of the free rings is currently located in the Old Town Square; it was opened on 8th December. You can visit the ice ring during any day of the week, but if you want to experience winter in its full glory, New Year’s Day will be perfect for some ice-skating with friends or family. Since New Year’s Eve tends to be full of musical and party experiences (remedy for the spirit), on January 1st it’s worth to do something related to physical activity (remedy for the body).

The beautifully decorated Old Town Square also encourages causal evening strolls around the embellished district. The famous Christmas market is still held there, therefore everything is lit up, the scent of splendid food and mulled wine is travelling around, everyone is still brimming with Christmas spirit. There’s no better place to chill during these cold winter evenings! Indeed, such markets are closely associated with Christmas, but the stalls with food and handcrafts will be standing firmly by the Old Town Market Square at least until 6th January.