The International Women’s Day is fast approaching. On this particular day, the florists in Warsaw are besieged by husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers and partners alike. In fact, from the early morning hours the streets are flooded by participants of the ‘flower marathon’. That’s not a surprise, of course. Flowers are a universal, classy gift that improves the mood of every woman – it matters not whether the gifted lady is a life partner, mother, sister, or a work colleague – all will be satisfied with a bunch of roses or tulips.

Handing out the flowers to women on this special day has become a tradition, but International Women’s Day can also be celebrated in many other fancy ways. On the 8th of March Warsaw becomes – literally – the city of women, who momentarily become the queens in the ruling. The sheer multitude of attractions prepared for the female gender in the city means that the capital is willingly visited by couples ready to celebrate the festivities together.

But above all, The International Women’s Day is also a great opportunity to explore Warsaw in a girl-only group setting – a hen-do or casual night out – a bit of girly time is always appreciated. It’s a day where the women decide, a day when they take the reins, gain full control and go wild!

International Women’s Day in Warsaw – Accommodation at Promotional Value

As every year, Warsaw is always perfectly prepared for the arrival of International Women’s Day. Numerous events are organised across the city – not only on March 8th, but also on the days that precede and follow this special day. The biggest attractions, however, are planned for the weekend. It is exactly then when we plan to launch our own discount offer. That’s right! Every lady who decides to spend the night in our Residence will receive a discount when renting our apartment; this offer will be complemented with a cute gift.

Comfortable apartments at bargain prices – it’s the ideal offer for couples who desire to celebrate the International Women’s Day in a cosy two-person apartment. The same applies to women/girls who want to spend the weekend with liberty, along with friends (maximum 5 people in one apartment). The price includes buffet breakfast that is served in an elegant cafe based in the courtyard of the Residence.

Musical attractions during The International Women’s Day in Warsaw

Are you wondering what International Women’s Day events can be attended in Warsaw between 6th to 8th March? As it turns out, the choice is plentiful . . . but the music events lead the way! Though worry not, attractions related to theatre, sport and cosmetic industry will likewise be prominent.

On March 8th, Leszek Możdżer will perform at the Białołęka Cultural Centre. This is one of the greatest Polish jazz musicians, frequently awarded by critics and appreciated by the audience alike. Leszek Możdżer is an outstanding artist who initiated a mental and stylistic revolution in the field of Polish jazz. This time, he will perform with the rhythm section as part of the Białołęckie Jazz Evening segment. The event will commence at 7pm.

Those who are considering visiting Warsaw during the days preceding the International Women’s Day, are free to attend a Marcin Sójka concert. He is the winner of the 9th edition of The Voice of Poland and the winner of “Karolinka” (i.e. the main audience award) at last year’s 56th KFPP in Opole. But prior to the Marcin Sójka concert, another event is being prepared at the Białołęcki Cultural Centre Spectacle Hall, also in collaboration with the aforementioned artist. Dedicated to all women of Warsaw and the visiting members of the female gender, the event is scheduled to launch on March 7th. During this experience, Marcin Sójka will present tracks from his debut album as well as songs that have been specially prepared for women to celebrate their special occasion. The concert begins at. 7pm.

The 4th Royal Concert will also be held during the International Women’s Day – exactly on March 8th. It is a musical event with a special dedication to women. The concert taking place at The Great Hall of the Royal Castle in Warsaw will commence at 7pm, with predominantly men performing on the stage. This includes: Rafał Bartmiński, Kacper Kuszewski and Maciej Miecznikowski. The concert will feature the Płock Symphony Orchestra named after Witold Lutosławski and the whole thing will be hosted by Sławomir Chrzanowski. The Royal Concert is organised – for the fourth time – by the Jan Kiepura, Mazowiecki Musical Theatre.

In contrast, those who would love to listen to some contemporary music, and at the same time enjoy a drink or indulge in a dance-floor twist, should journey to the club Iskra in Pole Mokotowskie. The organisers of the ‘Prestigious Women’s Day’ event, aim to ensure that the celebration of International Women’s Day in Iskra (one of the most renowned clubs in the city), will be remembered by all. Representatives of the female gender who want to attend the event, can purchase tickets at a lower price. In addition, women will be welcomed with free cosmetics and lollipops.

Warsaw, the city of women – A weekend full of attractions

The musical events discussed above are primarily organised in the evening, but International Women’s Day in Warsaw can be celebrated throughout the day as well, and the whole weekend alike. It is worth starting with a sporty event, e.g. the ‘Kobieta na piątkę’ (Eng. Woman at Five) race in the Młociński Forest, which will be held for the fourth time this year. The event is scheduled for 07th March at 9am, where the ladies will start the 5km race. During the event a paired run will also occur, which is why men and even children are also welcome – the children’s run will be launched in three age categories.

Another interesting proposition for all ladies is to give the Lip Lab (ul. Juliana Bartoszewicza 11) a try. It is probably the only place in Warsaw where women can create lip cosmetics and experiment with make-up for themselves. But creation of a personalised lipstick or lip gloss is not the end of possibilities at Lip Lab. An analysis/examination of colour/complexion as well as the professional makeup may also be tackled. Attending make-up workshops could also be on the agenda. Women who would like to take advantage of the Lip Lab offer on International Women’s Day should enquire about available dates as soon as possible.