Residence St. Andrew’s Palace welcomes guests for both short and long-term stays. A stay can be deemed as ‘long-term’, if the number of days spent in a hotel exceed two weeks (minimum 15 nights). During such long-term stay situations many guests seek full comfort and cordial relaxation – we are glad to admit that those staying in Residence obtain just that. A comfy rest and homely conditions, in a pleasant environment are guaranteed in our apartments – primarily thanks to being decorated with comfortable furniture, appliances and facilities, that we tend to use on a daily basis.

Fully equipped apartments in the centre of Warsaw

Guests who stay with us for a maximum of one, two or few nights will not always be able to use all the equipment and facilities. However, in terms of long-term stays, the quantity and quality of available equipment certainly plays a great importance in the overall experience. For example, guests must store their food supplies (kitchen cabinets, refrigerators), they must be able to prepare a meal (on the worktops), eat it in a comfortable environment (dining table), and thereafter use a dishwasher to clean up. During the long-term stays there might also arise a need to wash and iron clothes, especially if you came to Warsaw for a business trip. In addition, the guests ought to have a place to work (a desk or table). Of course, these named features are only some of the amenities that you can come across in our hotel which offers long-term stays.

Long-term stay and price per night

In the case of long-term stays, it is possible to negotiate the price per night. This is because in such situation, the hotel bears slightly lower costs than usual, i.e. compared to a scenario when a person moves out and another moves in straight after. Frequent cleaning and re-supply are the primary factors why costs can raise. A new guest must receive fresh bed sheets, a set of towels, full packaging of cosmetics and detergents for washing and ironing. However, in terms of long-term stays, new supplies are re-stocked only when the long-term guest empties the original contents, thus nothing is wasted. It is also often the case that, long-term guests opt for less-frequent cleaning and change of bedding/towels, for the sake of the environment, and lower costs.

Long-term stays

Our long-term rental offer combines the comfort of living in a hotel, with the convenience of using an apartment as an independent, homely living-space. All these attributes allow the guests to develop an intimate, personal atmosphere, as they do not feel restrained by the presence of other people. Yet at the same time, they may count on a 24/7 help and services of the hotel’s staff.

We encourage you to book long-term stays in Residence hotel.