Looking for an adventure? Visit Warsaw! Spend a family holiday in the capital, and in a comfortable apartment!

‘Looking for an adventure? Visit Warsaw! Especially Warsaw in May, when the lilacs bloom …’ One can interpret Andrzej Bogucki’s and Irena Santor’s poetic songs into many ways, but one thing is certain: Warsaw offers copious attractions, and for the whole family. The easy accessibility to public transport found right next to our hotel means that you can explore the glorious capital without any hindrance. What’s more, you can spend this time in a comfortable apartment suitable for the big and small families. Each room is maintained in professional, yet homely and cosy style, offering a touch of luxury, spaciousness and functionality. What else is needed to make this perfect stay, even more perfect?

Warsaw for the whole family

The convenient location of our hotel on Chmielna street means that will have easy access to any point throughout the city. In the end, you will be located in bustling heart of Warsaw – a city centre ripe with vast transport methods. During the May holidays, you can freely visit the Copernicus Science Centre with your family. It is not only an educational experience, but also an opportunity for perfect entertainment. Together, with the children, you may also visit the CNK Robotic Theatre located in the Copernicus Science Centre, as well as the High Voltage Theatre. You will also get to participate in many experimental exhibitions. Alternatively, in the evening, you may leave your children under qualified care within the hotel apartment, where our staff will look after them. In the meantime, you can escape with your partner and explore the Copernicus Science Centre, where each evening an interesting event is held. On May 30th, you can participate in special workshops: e.g. ‘what to play with’– it will help you to find the inner child within yourself, and also allow you to comprehend the anthropological and sociological approach to having fun.

Entertainment for the youngsters and the adults – Candy Manufacturing Centre and Invisible Exhibition

There is no shortage of attractions for both the adults and the youngsters who find themselves in Warsaw. Once you drop off your bags and relax in your apartment, you can make a move into the city which offers a multitude of attractions. If you want to sweeten your life, you must certainly visit the Candy Manufacturing Centre with your children. On weekends, you can even create the candy yourself, e.g. the likes of lollipops; learn the secret to how these delicacies are produced. We also propose another excellent activity: Invisible Exhibition, which is intended for children from the age of 8+, primarily because there is a lot of movement involved in very dark areas. The whole aim of this activity is to understand what visually impaired and blind people experience on a daily basis. You will learn some braille alphabet, use your touch senses and generally be guided through the world of the blind – a world where the light suddenly went out, and reliance on all other senses is vital. Thereafter, you can return to the apartment, rest and discuss your experience. Many reflect on how lifechanging and – no pun intended – eye-opening the event had been. Once you have rested, you may gather your strength and begin the next Warsaw adventure the following day.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of a city … within the city!

If you have had enough of the business and crowdedness of the city you live in, and for a brief moment you would love to soothe your senses in mother nature’s bosom, Warsaw offers just that! It may come as a surprise, but you can take your family to one of the many beautiful parks scattered across the capital. Although in Bielany Park you will not find the famous carousel described in the Maria Koterbska’s (revered Polish singer) songs, instead you will find the park to be a unique and intimate Sunday attraction for children and adults. Alternatively, we recommend the Rope-Park which is an obstacle course installed at a height of 1.2 up to 3 meters high and can be accessed in full gear, i.e. in a helmet & special harness. It offers a fantastic action-packed activity, for children and adults alike, who undertake the course under the supervision of qualified instructors. If you are simply just looking for a casual rest, you will be delighted to hear about Skaryszewski’s Park in Praga with its beautiful ponds and waterfalls. Likewise, the Royal Baths Park offers similar restful vibes – once there, you will absorb a little culture, and listen to Chopin’s Concerts that commence playing on May 19th. Henceforth the sounds of Chopin resound around the Park each day at noon, and when the hour 16:00 strikes on clocks.

Once you visit Warsaw, undoubtedly you will be able to once again hum these poetic notes that have been uttered by vast Polish singers over the last couple decades: ‘In this city, every day, from the morning onwards you experience the same thing, with each step you take, astonishment – an unknown street, a dazzle – an unfamiliar grand lake …’