The 2020 holidays are in full swing, although nowadays, for many, they look a tad different due to the present coronavirus pandemic. Many people have decided to cancel their trips abroad and spend their holidays in their homeland Poland. Even though the enthusiasm for traveling has somewhat diminished, there is still chance to achieve a successful holiday trip, away from crowded holiday resorts. Believe it or not, you can spend great holidays in Warsaw itself.

Cultural events taking place in the Polish capital

Due to the raging pandemic, numerous cultural events have been cancelled across Europe, but that absolutely doesn’t mean Warsaw’s cultural life has died down. In August, there will be several long-awaited musical events taking place, such as concerts and performances, some of which are organised outdoors in a controlled, safe and secure environment.

Musical events

A particularly noteworthy series of festivals to heed this summer is the ‘Summer in Praga’ chain of events. It is an urban project aiming to transform ‘Praga’ – a district of central Warsaw – into a heart of all concerts. Polish artists will play live in a beautiful outdoor space – the Praga Centrum complex. The concerts are accompanied by an atmosphere unique to typical summer festivals: live music, relaxation zones, tasty meals, cocktails, drinks – all this turns Praga into an exceedingly popular place, especially since famed Polish musicians are willing participate. In August, the likes of Natalia Przybysz, Krzysztof Zalewski, Kasia Nosowska, Monika Brodka, Mela Koteluk and Natalia Nykiel will get on board and join the party.

August in Warsaw will also feature events for lovers of classical music. One of the largest events of this type will be the Vienna Concert, taking place on August 30th in the Provincial Hall at the Domincian Monastery OO. (ul. Freta 10). During the concert, some of the most beautiful arias from Viennese operas and operettas will be presented, not to mention the much-beloved canons of instrumental classical music by Viennese composers. Outstanding soloists will likewise perform on stage, accompanied by instrumentalists from the Roman Chamber Opera.

Movie August in Warsaw

After many weeks of temporary closure, cinemas in Poland finally resumed their long-awaited operations. For understandable reasons, attendance in cinemas is much lower than before the outbreak, and many have turned their heads towards other alternatives e.g. outdoor film screenings. Open-air cinema was recently launched in the E. Szymanski Park on Wola. In August, film screenings take place there every Friday due to the event being financed with the Capital City of Warsaw funds and thanks to the Civic Budget, admissions to the shows are completely free.

August in Warsaw – outdoor attractions

Current holidays in Warsaw are not only filled with cultural events opportunities. Everyone is welcome to take advantage of attractions designed specifically for summer relaxation. One of such attractions is the Green Labyrinth – a huge field of corn turned into a thicket of well-groomed paths in which you can wander, get lost and get a feeling that you’re crawling through a real jungle. Those who decide to complete the maze receive a map and a series of tasks to carry out along the way. The Green Labyrinth is great entertainment for the whole family. The attraction is located in Nieporęt, near Warsaw.


Holiday-time relaxation is classicaly associated with water. There are numerous bathing areas and swimming pools in Warsaw, where you can cool off in the summer heat and spend time pleasantly, sunbathing and absorbing that vital vitamin D. The Inflancka Center is probably the most favoured choice by locals and tourists – it’s an outdoor swimming pool complex with cascades, slides and paddling pools for children. A perfect place to encourage them with outdoor activities. The resort also contains a grassy beach with deckchairs, sports fields and a food court.

In addition, cruises on the Vistula River are an interesting option for both Warsaw residents and tourists alike. During a visit to the capital, it’s impossible to ignore the queen of Polish rivers – it’s a must! And you don’t have to limit yourself to merely sitting on its banks or dipping in the toes. It is worth visiting the passenger marina located in the southern part of Jan Karski Boulevard at the foot of the Old Town and the Royal Castle. Once there, you may book a cruise and venture on a beautiful sight-seeing voyage across Warsaw.

Outdoor attractions and cultural events are organised in different parts of the city, so those who plan to spend their August in Warsaw, should certainly choose accommodation in the centre, from where reaching every point across the map becomes quick, easy and simple. We cordially invite you to book accommodation in our hotel apartments.