Warsaw can easily be labelled as the business centre of Poland. Every year, more and more companies attempt to enter the Polish market and many of them, despite the huge competition, meet their success. Warsaw is an enticing place to live and run your company because the modern business service sector is well developed and well accommodated. Those who visit the capital for business purposes should not worry about a convenient place to work and rest, as they will easily find a hotel suitable for a business. Our Residence is a prime example of such convenience, being full of amazing living spaces, comfortable facilities and mapped in the centre of the Capital. Residence St. Andrew’s Palace offers its guests spacious apartments permeating with a quiet, work-friendly atmosphere.

Accommodation in a fantastic location

A business stay in Warsaw is often associated with the need to constantly move around the city, visit individual branches of the company, participate in training sessions or conferences, and conduct business field meetings. As such, when choosing a hotel suitable for a business, we tend to pay attention to the location of the accommodation with reference to other destination points. Thankfully, our apartments are located in the heart of Warsaw, which provides our guests with the convenience of using the city’s complex infrastructure. Various important communication routes run nearby the Residence St. Andrew’s Palace, which is a crucial aspect, both for those who aim to travel using their own car and for people who plan to utilise the public transport.

Of course, by mentioning the location of our apartments, it’s impossible to ignore the proximity of the Chopin Airport and the Central Railway Station (named after Stanisław Moniuszko, though often simply referred to as Warsaw Central), both being separated from our Residence by mere short distance. Our guests neither need to worry about traveling from the airport and back, because at their request we can arrange an easy, quick transport between the two locations.

The convenient location of our Residence will likewise be appreciated by people who are fond of culture and art, as well as those keen to get a taste of the Capital’s nightlife. Of course, after a hard day of fulfilling professional duties, the proper time to relax should be readily available. Our apartments are specially designed with rest and relaxation in mind. They are pleasant, quiet and safe, which is why many opt for a stay in our apartments and put off their exploration for another time – especially now, in the age of COVID-19. However, those who still want to complete some sightseeing, visiting important monuments, take a stroll around the Old Town, sit down in a restaurant with delicious local food, or participate in other recreation activities, will love the close proximity of our Residence to the wide selection of attractions.

Safety and well-being during your business stay in Warsaw

Our apartments are located in the very centre of Warsaw, on a street that tends to be bustling with life. The area is attractive and safe at the same time, although it’s the indoors and closed spaces that have been raising greater concerns of late – all because of the coronavirus pandemic. We make every effort to create a safe living-space for guests in our Residence. We provide exceedingly high standards of cleaning, using specialised cleaning products and applying vast disinfection procedures, thus maintaining utmost cleanliness and hygiene. We do everything in our power to ensure our guests are met with safety, well-being and satisfaction – and that all their expectations are fulfilled.

You may find more information regarding Residence St. Andrew’s Palace protocols regarding the pandemic on the COVID-19 tab.

Comfortable apartments for all business guests

We offer our guests both single and double apartments, as well as options suitable for several people. This means that our offer can be used by people who take the business trip alone, as well as delegations composed of several members. Regardless of the size of the apartment, each of them is fully equipped and adapted to the needs of even the most demanding customers. The apartments are furnished with comfortable furniture and functional equipment, making the rooms suitable for both short and long-term stays.

Each apartment is supplied with a desk and comfortable chairs, so it’s possible to create a comfortable, quiet working space. Particularly noteworthy is the spacious living room, which can be easily converted into a conference room or interior dedicated to recruitment meetings. The flexibility of the apartments is unmatched and usually met with a lot of praise from our business guests.

A hotel suited for a business – a few words about our business services

Guests who frequently attend meetings and conferences outside their home are often forced to book accommodation. They also know perfectly well what constitutes a successful business trip. One of such factors is the availability of business services at the given place-of-stay. That includes: free Internet access, the ability of photocopy, printing documents, tickets for trains and boarding passes, as well as possibility to complete online check-ins. Good news is, most of such services are available at Residence St. Andrew’s Palace, making your life and experience much easier and effortless. Thanks to the implemented solutions, we are able to at least partially help our guests perform their business tasks, without having the need to stress and consult external services like printing-shops.

Our place is all about convenience and easy access to places/facilities. Our agenda to make the lives of our business-trip guests easy, comfortable and stress-free.

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